Wedding Car Hire

A classic car can make a great addition to your wedding day.  If you have booked one of our cars for your big day, we want to make you aware of a few key points.

1. We are not a wedding car company - we are a self drive classic car business.  How you use our cars is up to you, but we do not accept any liability for consequential loss relating to wedding or other use

2. Old cars are always at risk of breakdown or non-availability due to parts.  This is not about maintenance - it is about age and the reliability of cars when these vehicles were new.  We are the only classic car hire business with its own workshop so we do everything we can to minimise this risk.  But it is a risk. Please think carefully about this when choosing a classic car for your wedding

3. We have been hiring classic cars for 12 years and on average the risk of breakdown on hire or non-availability is less than 5%. But old cars are unpredictable and this is the risk you accept when you hire a classic car for your wedding.

3. If you are hiring for a wedding it is a condition of hire that you make us aware of this and take out our compulsory Breakdown Refund insurance. If you do not do this we may cancel your hire

4. If your wedding car suffers a problem or breakdown we will notify you immediately.  But you need to be aware that this could be at quite short notice.  We will not release a car that we know could be unreliable. 

5. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully to be clear on how we deal with breakdowns and noon-availability, including under our Breakdown Refund.

6. We provide a 14 day cooling off period to enable you to assess the risk and read our Terms & Conditions. 

7. If you do not agree with these points or our Terms & Conditions you must notify us within 14 days of booking. 

We are a small business run by reasonable and fair people.  We do everything in our power to minimise distress and inconvenience.  But the reality of classic cars cannot be avoided.  We want you to be clear and realistic about this to avoid upset and distress.