Self Drive Wedding Car Hire

We are a classic car hire company but we are happy for you to use our cars for your wedding.  We will always do everything we can to help make the car work smoothly for your big day. 

Our cars are maintained to a high standard and therefore extremely reliable.  But they remain old cars – ones that were never particularly reliable when new.  So while the risk of breakdown is low, it is a risk.

When hiring one of our cars for a wedding please consider the following points:

1. You are hiring an old car: no matter how well maintained, an old car will always be at risk of breaking down.  Your acceptance of this risk is a condition of hire

2. Listen carefully: we will explain how to start and drive the car.  Most problems occur when the car is not started correctly and becomes flooded.  It is very easy to do this when distracted or stressed by a wedding day.  Take care when you collect the car to listen to the instructions our staff provide and be patient when starting the car

3. Consider carefully how far you need to drive the car.  Distance affects the car’s reliability and particularly our ability to assist you.  The further you go, the less we are practically able to do

4. Plan ahead: on the day of the wedding start the car and test drive it WELL BEFORE the wedding. This will give you more time in case something goes unexpectedly wrong – and more time for us to help you

5. Have a back-up plan: our failure rate on hire is very low, but the risk is always there.  We recommend you plan for this by making separate arrangements in case the car fails – this will save you time and stress if the car develops a fault

6. Talk to us: if the car is not performing exactly as you expect call us immediately.  We can provide the best help if we have the maximum time available to help you


We want your hire to go smoothly. And we want to help.  If you have any questions at all about hiring one of our cars for your wedding please just call 01527 893733 or email