V12 Dilemma

The Jaguar V12 engine remains one of the greatest motors ever made - smooth, extremely powerful and silent, it was so good that it remained in production for 30 years.

The V12 Dilemma lets you experience the effortless urge of this 5.3 litre engine in two very different Jaguars - the V12 E Type and the XJS.  You'll drive an E Type convertible and XJS convertible equipped with this engine (or coupe versions if the weather is poor), covering 20 miles in each car on a beautiful Worcestershire route. 

Two car driving experience in E Type V12 and XJS V12 Two car driving experience in E Type V12 and XJS V12
XJS V12 - find out more E Type V12 - find out more


The experience costs £120 and includes fuel, insurance and there is space for one free passenger free of charge. 



March 14th Wednesday 
March 24th Saturday
April 18th Wednesday
April 28th Saturday
May 16th  Wednesday
June 9th Saturday
June 13th  Wednesday
July 18th  Wednesday
August 15th Wednesday
August 25th Saturday
September 19th Wednesday
September 29th Saturday
October 13th Saturday
October 17th  Wednesday