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V12 Dilemma

Our V12 Dilemma package lets you put the ultra smooth V12, 285 bhp Jaguar engine to the test in two of its most iconic settings - the Jaguar E Type convertible and the Jaguar XJS convertible.  These cars represent two very different approaches to grand touring from two different eras, but sharing the same engine.  Spend 24 hours touring the Cotswolds in each car and then tell us which you think is best. 

Great Escape Classic Car Hire Jaguar E Type V12 package part of our V12 dilemma package Great Escape Classic Car Hire Jaguar XJS V12 package part of our V12 dilemma package
Jaguar E Type V12 Jaguar XJS V12

You can choose to start your experience in either car.  Then spend 24 hours driving the first car before changing the car and experiencing a second day comparison.  Tour the Cotswolds in that car - using our recommended routes if you want - and then return to our storage site 24 hours later.

With the V12 Dilemma you can choose to head north, south, east of west from our storage site and travel as far or as little as you like.  We'll discuss your preferences and create a bespoke package to suit you.

This package is available as a voucher valid for 12 months. When you're ready to choose your dates just let us know and we'll put your trip together.

Price : £550.00

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