Insurance Excess

When you’re hiring an expensive classic car the insurance excesses involved can sometimes be a bit off-putting. It’s probably the biggest concern for our customers.

Until now there hasn’t been much we can do about it. Our insurers set high excesses and we had no option but to pass them on. We couldn’t even offer an excess waiver because such policies don’t cover older cars.

We’ve been looking for a solution and now we’ve found one.  Due to the size of our fleet we’ve been able to create a unique insurance policy for Great Escape. Among other benefits the excesses are lower. And we can pass that benefit on to you.

So, with immediately effect we’ve create two simple excess bands. All cars costing up to £200/day carry a £400 excess. All cars over £200/day carry a £600 excess. In all cases this represents a reduction in excess levels of between 45 and 60%.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating our website to reflect these new insurance excess levels. But wherever you see the old, higher excess, please note that it has been superceded by the new, lower one.  This applies to existing as well as new hires.

Jensen Interceptor For Hire

As always we don’t take this money from you when you hire one of our cars. We don’t even pre-authorise your credit or debit card. We just ask you to provide card details when you collect the car so that we have some surety in case the worst happens.

We are also working on a unique excess waiver policy that will enable customers to take out low-cost insurance to cover the excess in the event of damage. We won’t benefit from this policy – we’ll just put you in touch with the company that provides it.

This is all part of our drive to improve customer service and to take the worry and concern out of hiring a valuable classic car.