Collision Damage Waiver

When you’re hiring an expensive classic car the insurance excesses involved can sometimes be a bit off-putting. It’s probably the biggest concern for our customers.

Until now there hasn’t been much we can do about it. Our insurers set high excesses of £2,500 per car and we had no option but to pass them on. 

Due to the size of our fleet we’ve been able to create a unique insurance policy for Great Escape Cars. Our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy lets you reduce the insurance excess on your Great Driving Days hire car to £0 for a single one-off payment.  

For Road Trips and Daily Car Hire, the price per driver is £30.  For Classic Tasters and 60 minute experiences, the cost is £15 per driver. 

The CDW policy covers you for incidents and damage where we cannot claim against a 3rd party.  This may not just be where you are at fault - if the car is damaged whilst parked you could be liable if someone dings a door.  It provides cover for any collision with another vehicle irrespective of lilability.  It also covers theft - provided you have the keys - and windscreen damage.

The only exclusions are damage caused by neglect or misuse - for example, damage to tyres and wheels caused by kerbing or other obstacles, damage to the interior beyond normal wear and tear, collision with static objects and failing to follow our advice for operating the vehicle.  Theft of personal items are also not covered.

You can arrange the CDW when you collect the car or by calling 01527 893733.