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Collection time
On all bookings the collection time is on 5pm the day before your booking commences. So, if you book your car from the 27/05/2015, you may pick this up on 26/05/2015 at 5pm

Date from - this is the date of the full day that you want the car for.
Date to - this is the date of the end of the hire.

For example
A 24 hour hire for Saturday 25th September would be
date from 25th September and date to 25th September.

A weekend hire for the same weekend would be
date from 25th September and date to 26th September.

Collection for both would be on Friday 24th at 5pm. Our system automatically calculates the start date and time for the evening before. If you need another collection time between 9am and 7pm, just let us know by calling 01527 893733.

Gift vouchers
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