Frequently Asked Questions

Classic car hire from Great Escape is a simple joy.  On this page we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions we get asked when people hire our cars.  But please contact us by email or on 01527 893733 if you have a specific question.

These FAQs are based on common customer questions. if you have a question that doesn't appear here, please call 01527 893733. We aim to be fair and reasonable and these questions explain our policies.

Where are you basedHow long is the hire period 
Can I pick up the car early/late?Can you deliver the cars?

Are the cars easy to drive?

How accessible are the cars?
Who can hire the cars?What is the deposit?
How do you send out the gift vouchers?Can I reach you by plane or train?
Can I leave my car with you?Can I take your cars abroad?
What luggage space is there?What cars are suitable for tall/large drivers?
Are the cars reliable?What happens if the car breaks down?

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

What happens in bad weather?

What insurance cover do you provide?

What is the deposit for?
Can the cars be used for track days?What fuel do the cars use?


Where are you based?

We have three main sites in the UK - near Astwood Bank, Worcestershire (Cotswolds Site), Chapel en le Frith (Peak District Site) and Oswestry(Shropshire site). For more details click here.  We can arrange transfers from local airports and rail connections.  For security reasons we only provide precise location details when you book. 

how long is the hire period?

We operate a transparent 24 hour hire period - so when you pay for a day, you get a full day.  Our hires normally start at around 5-6pm and finish at 5-6pm.  You can hire one of our classic cars for as long as you wish.  The minimum hire period is 24 hours.

can i pick the car up before OR AFTER 5pm?

We can generally accommodate earlier or later starts provided the car is available but there is an additional charge for insurance.  If you would like to collect the car at different time please call us on 01527 893733 before you book.

can you deliver the cars?

We are able to deliver cars nationwide. However, due to the cost of fuel and time this can be expensive. It is generally more economical to collect the car and instead spend the money staying locally at a B&B or hotel.  If you would like a quote to delivery or collect a car for a wedding or birthday please call 01527 893733. All cars are delivered on our own trucks and trailers.

can i add extra drivers?

Our hire package includes the price of one named driver.  You can add extra drivers for a small extra charge up to a total of 4 drivers.

are the cars easy to drive?

Our cars are generally very easy to drive - if you are familiar with manual or automatic gearbox cars then you will settle into any of them quickly.  They each have particular characteristics and these will be fully explained to you when you collect the car.

how accessible are the cars?

We aim to make our fleet of cars as accessible as possible for all drivers.  Our collection sites are wheelchair accessible and we have negotiated insurance cover that is as flexible as possible.  Our fleet of cars includes saloons, large coupes with large doors, automatics and vehicles with power steering wherever possible.  If you have particular requirements do please let us know on 01527 893733 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

what is the deposit?

Like all car hire companies, our insurance includes an excess in the event of damage.  When you collect the car we will take a credit card deposit from you to cover the excess.  We take this as a credit card authorisation so we don't take money from your card unless the car is returned damaged. 

how do you send out the gift vouchers?

You can choose to have your gift voucher sent to you or the recipient.  If we send it to you we will send you a blank, unmarked envelope with the voucher inside.  We make sure that it is not obviously a gift.

can i reach you by train or plane?

Most of our sites are very close to railway connections and airports.  We can offer a collection and return service to airports and stations if booked in advance.  Depending on the length of hire this service may be free of charge. 

can i leave my car with you?

If you are collecting one of our cars from our storage sites then we can provide parking. However, parking is at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for your vehicle or possessions.

Can I take one of your cars abroad?

The limitations of our insurance mean that our classic cars are generally available for hire in the UK.  But we can usually accommodate overseas travel - call us on 01527 893733 to discuss your plans.  For our terms and conditions click here.

what luggage space is there?

Luggage space in our cars varies greatly. On the web page for each car we generally show a picture of the boot and describe the size of the luggage space. If you are not sure what space the car has please call 01527 893733. We generally recommend that you travel with soft bags when hiring one of our convertibles.

what cars are suitable for tall OR LARGE drivers?

Most of our cars can be driven by tall drivers (over 6ft). However all classic cars are generally smaller than their modern equivalents with tight elbow room and more restricted seat movement. If you are unsure whether you will fit in one of our cars please call 01527 893733. If you do choose to hire you do so at your own risk and our normal cancellation policy applies.


We are totally committed to hiring very high quality classic cars.  We invest constantly in the servicing, maintenance and improvement of our vehicles.  Our breakdown rate is 2% of all hires.  However, you are hiring a classic car and the risk of breakdown is inevitably higher than with a modern car and a common recognition of this fact is a condition of hire.  We do everything we can to make our cars reliable but we cannot guarantee this in all cases.   

What happens if the car breaks down?

Our classic cars are covered by UK wide breakdown service.  If the breakdown company cannot get you going they will return you either to our site or to your accommodation or provide a replacement modern hire car to enable you to continue your journey.  We will try to provide you with an alternative car, but this is not guaranteed and is not a condition of your hire. 

We maintain our cars to high standards but they are old cars and the risk of breakdown is higher than it will be with a modern car.  This principle is a condition of hire. In the event of breakdown before or during hire where the car cannot be repaired we will provide an alternative car where possible or offer a credit voucher for future use equivalent to the lost hire time.  If we provide an alternative car you may return at a later date to hire the original car you chose free of charge within 12 months.  No refunds are applicable in the event of a breakdown before or during hire.


If we need to cancel your hire due to a breakdown or damage to the vehicle we will offer you an alternative car or the opportunity to re-book different dates. If this happens 3 times within 12 months you will be eligible for a free voucher extension and free extra day's car hire as a goodwill gesture. This situation occurs in the case of less than 1% of all annual hires.

Our full Cancellation and Refund Policy can be found here .


If the conditions are unsuitable for hiring a classic car due to wind, rain or other inclement conditions we will recommend you postpone the hire. The final decision will be yours. In these circumstances you will be eligible to re-book your hire free of charge any time within the next 12 months.

What insurance cover do you provide?

Every driver is covered by our specialist comprehensive cover insurance.  Our insurance carries a typical £400 - £600 excess (varies by car), which is why we take a refundable deposit.  If you return our car with damage we may use this deposit to cover our loss.

Who is insured to drive the cars?

Our insurance restricts use to drivers between 25 and 75 (inclusive) who have held a full driving licence for at least five years.  We cannot hire the cars to anyone who has received more than two speeding offences within the last three years or who has been convicted of a more serious motoring offence at any point.  There are a number of other restrictions – for full details see our terms and conditions.  If you are in any doubt about eligibility, please email us or call 01527 893733.

What is the deposit for?

In addition to your hire fee, an insurance excess applies to each car.  We do not take this money from you - we ask for credit or debit card details when you collect the car.  We inspect the car with you before the hire period using a standard Condition Report, which you sign to confirm the condition of the car.   
If the car is damaged we will discuss the problem with the hirer.  We are reasonable and realistic but if we feel they are to blame we will obtain a quote for rectifying the work.  Damage to our vehicles also costs us in time and lost revenue, which we may charge for.  We cherish our cars and hope that you will treat them as if they were your own.

Can I use the car for track days?

Unfortunately not.  Track days are increasingly popular but our insurance restricts use to public roads.  If we discover that you have used ours on a track then you will forfeit the full insurance excess. Some of our cars are fitted with tracking systems.

What fuel do the cars use?

Our cars run on unleaded.  They will run happily on any unleaded fuel but we prefer that you use non-supermarket fuels.  Supermarket fuels tend to have less detergent in them, which can lead to increased engine wear.