Drive a classic from 39 pounds

Sometimes only one car will do.  Find your dream car from our choice of 16.  With our One Car Classic Taster experiences you can get behind the wheel of anything from an E Type to a Mini and enjoy a beautiful country drive around Worcestershire. 

There are three simple price packages with several cars to choose from in each one - choose the one that suits and get 60 minutes driving in the car of your choice from that group. Click on the links to find out more. 

Classic Car Bronze Taster driving experiences for £39 Classic car silver taster experiences for £59 Classic car gold taster experiences for £99

The price per car includes 45-60 minutes driving on a provided route from our base. Fuel for the route and insurance for 1 driver are included. Passengers can travel for free provided there is space in the car. To book call 01527 893733 or click on the link below.




The Great Escape Classic Taster Days are simple.  We provide up to 10 cars to use on each day - just buy the number of cars you want to drive, turn up and we make it happen. For each car we'll provide you with one of a variety of hand picked routes from our Midlands base - you'll be in quiet countryside within minutes.  Each drive lasts 45-60 minutes and can be enjoyed with friends and family (depending on the number of seats in the car of course). 

We provide full familiarisation at our unit, comprehensive route guides and of course tea and coffee and a few sticky buns for when you get back. On this page you can view the dates and cars available.  You can book online or call 01527 893733 and we'll do it for you. 


March 14th Wednesday 
March 24th Saturday
April 18th Wednesday
April 28th Saturday
May 16th  Wednesday
June 9th Saturday
June 13th  Wednesday
July 18th  Wednesday
August 15th Wednesday
August 25th Saturday
September 19th Wednesday
September 29th Saturday
October 13th Saturday
October 17th  Wednesday