Three go mad in the Cotswolds

Nothing quite says 'Rule Britannia' like the trio of Minis in the Italian Job. We've come all over patriotic and added a red and blue Mini alongside our existing white car in the Cotswolds - so now you can make like Michael Cain and hire one or more for the day or weekend. 

The classic Minis have been restored to be replicas of classic 1960s Coopers.  Although each one has its own unique character they all follow the classic Italian Job colour scheme and have the rare and distinctive Italian Job spotlights.  

You can choose to hire one Mini for a day or weekend or pick all three for a wedding or trip away with friends or work colleagues.  We can deliver the cars anywhere in the UK as well.

"The Mini was partly defined by The Italian Job," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape.  "Since I put the first Mini on the fleet I wanted to create a trio of Italian job cars in red, white and blue.  A year after that first car we've achieved that.

"The Mini is such a fun car and with the complete line up of Italian job colours customers can choose their favourite or hire all three for a wedding or day out with friends.  Each car is different and has its own personality and style."

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