MP visits Great Escape

Karen Lumley, MP for Redditch, visited Great Escape Classic Car Hire's Worcestershire HQ in January to hear about the company's development and discuss Government plans to assist small businesses. 

During the meeting Karen heard about the problems Great Escape, along with many small businesses, is experiencing with the banks.  

"We have grown by 300% in 12 months but we are struggling to obtain commercially realistic conventional bank loan funding to support our growth," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape.  "I wanted to meet Karen to express my concerns and find out how the Government is going to get banks lending again.

"It is particularly frustrating for us as the bank we are with was bailed out by the taxpayer.

"I found that Karen Lumley was very sympathetic. Her experience running a small local businesses meant she understood the problems we face first hand."

Great Escape is shortly moving to new, larger premises and setting up a servicing business.  So Karen Lumley also discussed the grants and funding available to take on apprentices and other staff. 

"We have been told that many Government schemes to get people back into work have been withdrawn," explains Graham. "But Karen provided information on new schemes that will benefit us."



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