New Classic Health Check for cars over 40 years old

Our experience maintaining high mileage classic hire cars has given us an insight into how important regular maintenance and safety checks are.  So the Government's decision to roll back the MOT exemption to cover every car over 40 years old worries us.

Our unique Annual Safety Check has been created to help owners of cars now exempted from the MOT test

We know that the exemption doesn't remove the responsibility on owners to keep their cars roadworthy and safe.  But without the requirement for an annual MOT that becomes harder.  So we've created the Classic Health Check.  It doesn't replace the MOT but it is a comprehensive assessment of your car car's condition by a MOT tester.

The Classic Health Check gives you an independent opinion on your car's condition and roadworthiness.   You can use that to prioritise repair work or provide proof of responsible maintenance to insurers and the police in the event of an accident or roadside stop.

The Classic Health Check costs £50, the same as an annual MOT and takes about one hour.  To find out more click here or call 01527 893733. 

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