Meet our new road tester

We love classic cars.  Through our website and everything else we do we try to express that passion - and we want to pass it on to our customers to help them get the most of their experience. 

Great Escape Classic Car Hire road tester Matt Nichols provides articles, road tests and reviews on classic cars
Great Escape road tester Matt Nichols

So we've appointed our first official Great Escape road tester.  Matt Nichols loves cars as much as us and has been writing about them for several years.  Now on the Great Escape website he passes on his honest views on each of our cars.  You can find a link to his review on most car pages - or click here

Matt is probably one of the best people to judge our cars.  He started out as a Great Escape customer, so he has stood in our customers' shoes and is objective.  We just let him loose in our cars and allow him to write what he thinks. He has owned several high performance cars and competes regularly in sprints and track events.  His current daily driver is a Renault Megane Renaultsport Cup. 

Matt typically spends 24 hours in each of our cars - similar to the experience of most customers - and provides an opinion on driving and living with each classic.  So whether you are looking to drive one of our cars for a day or considering buying one like it, Matt's articles should be useful.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire operates the largest fleet of classic rental vehicles for self drive hire in the UK.  We operate from locations in Worcestershire, Suffolk, Yorkshire, Shropshire and Lincolnshire.

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