Important advice about wedding cars

The Government is considering implementing plans that will significantly tighten up regulation of chauffeur driven wedding cars.  On the face of it, this is good news for brides and grooms because it will mean more safety checks on wedding cars.  But we also think it will significantly reduce the pool of classic cars available to hire for weddings.

Currently, classic cars used for weddings are exempted from the normal rules that apply to chauffeur driven cars such as taxis, prom vehicles and so on.  Unlike taxis, chauffeur driven wedding cars (and funeral vehicles) do not have to be registered with the local Council for a private hire licence and are not subject to the additional checks (over and above the MOT) that apply to taxis.  Equally, chauffeurs are not required to complete any CRB checks.

Here at Great Escape it has always struck us as off that cars for proms require Council licencing but wedding cars don't.  So we cautiously welcome this change, even though it will affect classic car owners.

The Government is proposing to close this loophole by making chauffeur driven wedding hire cars subject to the same regulations as taxis and prom vehicles.  This will mean significant extra costs for classic car owners who hire their cars for chauffeur driven weddings, which we suspect will mean that many stop offering their cars for this purpose. 

So while the legislation creates added reassurances for couples hiring cars for weddings, we think it will significantly reduce the choice of cars available.

At Great Escape we have already decided to stop offering a chauffeur driven option on our cars because we cannot guarantee the quality of service when we use freelance drivers.  But we are still offering self drive hire of our cars for weddings.

Self drive wedding hire is increasingly popular because it is cheaper, more flexible and, frankly, more enjoyable than chauffeur hire.  You get the car for longer, generally at a lower price than chauffeur hire, and you get to drive it yourself.  Generally our customers find it easy to get a volunteer to drive the car.  With a network of 10 UK sites we usually have a site close to where you need the car - so collecting and returning the car is simple and convenient.  Or we can usually deliver and collect the car to make life easier.

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