Hire our cars with complete confidence

Choosing a classic car to hire is a big decision. It is often for a major event, like a wedding or big birthday, and it can involve considerable expenditure. Most people, through necessity, make that decision based on what they see online because it can be difficult to arrange to see the car in advance.

At Great Escape we believe in being upfront with customers. Glossy photos of cars are not enough for us. We want to show you the car and demonstrate its quality, so you are more than satisfied when you drive it.

We value high quality and excellent vehicle reliability, but these are easy words to say. So we have revamped our website to include a section on each car page that tells you exactly what work we've done to the car since 2010.  We've listed major repairs and improvements as each car is already subject to a rigorous routine maintenance and servicing programme and an 18-point pre-hire check.

The new section on each classic car page demonstrates the investment we put into each car, where it's needed. We monitor the condition and quality of our cars continuously and improve them where necessary. But if they don't need work, we don't do it. So some cars, such as our Alfa Romeo Spider, have never needed major work. 

We are able to continuously improve our fleet because we have our own in-house workshop.  This keeps our costs down, which makes maintaining and improve our cars to a high standard much more economical. Great Escape is one of the only classic car hire companies in the UK with such a facility.

You can find out more about our repair and improvement work by clicking on the individual car pages and scrolling to the bottom of the screen.  For more details visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk or call 01527 893733.


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