We're Good To Go

Good To Go is the UK hospitality and tourism industry's standard for best practice to minimise the risks customers and staff from the COVID virus.  And Great Driving Days has achieved it.

The Industry Standard sets out all the steps a business needs to take to keep the risks as low as possible.  We have gone much further than the Standard requires by introducing innovative measures to minimise face to face contact.  These include a suite of instructional videos that introduce customers to our cars without the need for a lengthy car-side chat and advice sheets on each car that explain the controls and characteristics.  Customers can access these resources before they arrive, which significantly cuts down the on-site interaction.

Alongside the new online resources we've introduced procedures to cut down on paperwork exchanges.  All customers must send in their paperwork before their hire, so there's no need to print out and handover paperwork on site.  This cuts the risk of transmission again.

Every customer wears gloves and a mask when travelling in our cars and signs a declaration to say that they are free of virus symptoms.

"We've looked at every area of our business to minimise the risks," explains Graham Eason of Great Driving Days.  "This has meant investing in innovative solutions like the videos, but we believe it is worth it."

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