Get into stainless steel style

We've cracked it.  The holy grail of classic car hire is here - at Great Escape Classic Car Hire we now have a DeLorean DMC-12 available for self drive hire.  No need for a chaperone or chauffeur - this is the only DeLorean that you can drive.

We have been looking for a DeLorean DMC-12 to add to our fleet for several years.  But limited supply and rising prices have meant we've had to delay the addition until now. 

The DeLorean is one of the best known cars in the world.  Made famous by the Back to the Future films, the DeLorean is also infamous for its back story of bankruptcy, double dealing and drug smuggling.  Today the remarkable gullwing car with stainless steel bodywork can be hired from our Cotswolds site by the day, weekend or week.  It is also available for self drive wedding car hire.

"The DeLorean attracts attention like an alien space craft landing on the street," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape.  "This is a car that is not quite like anything else.  Our customers have been asking us to add a DeLorean for some time - at last we have found a car that we're happy to add to the fleet."

For more details on the DeLorean call 01527 893733 or visit  Book a date or buy a gift voucher before Christmas and save 10%.

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