Free Classic Friendly workshop checks

Great Escape Cars, the classic car specialist, is celebrating joining the Classic Friendly network by offering free safety and condition inspections to readers during May and June 2015. The checks, using Classic Friendly’s assessment regime, normally cost £35 each plus VAT.


The assessment covers the general condition, safety and performance of the car based on a ‘traffic light’ system to identify any issues. The comprehensive Classic Friendly inspection provides owners with a consistent level of checks across all members. It doesn’t replace the MOT, but does give owners an insight into the true condition of their car where a MOT is not required.

Great Escape Cars recently joined the Classic Friendly scheme to address the proposed roll-back of the MOT. The Government is planning to exempt all cars over 40 years old from the test. The evolution of the test away from older cars means that some of the tests and procedures in the MOT may no longer adequately assess the condition of classic cars. The Classic Friendly scheme, while not a substitute for the MOT, is specifically tailored to cope with old cars.

The free assessment is available to all classic car owners and is available at Great Escape Cars’ Redditch workshop. Inspections must be booked in advance and there is no obligation to undertake any work. Owners will receive a completed Classic Friendly inspection report outlining the condition of their car.

“I am firmly against the roll-back of the MOT,” explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars, “because I believe all cars on the road need independent inspection at least annually. The Classic Friendly inspection does not replace the MOT but it does help give owners a true insight into the condition of their car.

“All drivers are responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicle. In the event of an accident an insurer will want proof of roadworthiness. Without a MOT that may be difficult to do.

“The Classic Friendly inspection is not a MOT but it does demonstrate the condition and roadworthiness of the car when it was inspected.”

Great Escape Cars operates a large workshop to maintain its own fleet as well as customer cars. The workshop specialises in classic MGs and Jaguars but has experience across most marques and models. It was set up to service the company’s hire fleet after owner Graham Eason got tired of dealing with unreliable local specialists.

To arrange your free Classic Friendly inspection with Great Escape Cars call 01527 893733 or visit for more details. Or email

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