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The Jaguar E Type is the car that even people who don't like cars love.  In the half century since it was launched in 1961 it has become a design classic, so much so that it has pride of place in the Design Museum.

If you love these cars but can't stump up the £50,000 now needed for a good one, then try our E Type Story Package.  We already hire out 4 different E Types from our sites in East Midlands, Yorkshire and Cotswolds.  From our Cotswolds site you can now experience the car and the cars it inspired over a weekend.

The E Type Story puts you behind the wheel of our Jaguar E Type V12 convertible (which has appeared on stage at The Brits), our beautiful Jaguar XJS V12 convertible and our supercharged Jaguar XKR.  Spend 48 hours driving the cars and revelling in the original - and the progressive improvements that Jaguar made to the grand touring sports car concept over the intervening 40 years.

The E Type Story is available from our sister company The Getaway Driver.  It includes good quality B&B accommodation, driving routes and delivery and collection of the 2nd and 3rd cars.


For more details call 01386 792056.

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