Drive a classic with confidence

Every year we spend several thousand pounds at Great Escape Classic Car Hire renewing our AA membership.  We buy specialist cover for every car and we always go for the top level of cover.  We don't expect breakdowns - and in fact our breakdown rate is very low - but it does mean that every customer is fully covered wherever they go and whatever happens.

Our aim is to minimise the inconvenience for customers if one of our cars breaks down.  We start this process by spending at least 35% of all hire income on maintaining our cars using a strict annual pre-emptive maintenance regime, using in-house and specialist independent mechanics.  This means the reliability record for our cars is amongst the best in the industry.  But we don't stop there.  We buy nationwide AA breakdown cover for classic cars.  This includes full recovery back to our local base wherever the customer is in the UK. 

"Classic car hire is an event, a real once in a lifetime occasion," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape.  "I take customer service personally so in the rare event of a breakdown I want to avoid inconvenience for my customers.  That's why full AA breakdown cover is so important.

"Unfortunately not every classic car hire company provides full AA breakdown cover.  It is important to check the small print when you book a car to ensure you aren't going to incur additional costs if the car breaks down.

"With Great Escape you will never be penalised because the car breaks down, wherever you are."




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