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Investing in classic cars is one of those topics that regular comes up when interest rates are low and there's a Budget around the corner. We spoke to The Daily Mail to provide our unique take on this topic - and to explain the pros and cons of buying a car to hire out.

Between 2007 and 2012 Great Escape Cars' fleet grew from two cars to 60, largely by forming partnerships with classic car owners. Many classic car hire companies have subsequently copied this model, increasing their fleets and introducing satellite sites run by local owners.

Today our 30-strong fleet only operates from our Midlands site and is 75% owned by the business, with the remainder leased in from a handful of specially chosen owners.  We have removed satellite sites, increased the proportion of cars we own and reduced the number of owners we work with in order to improve the service we provide to customers. Owning most of our fleet and hiring it from one site means that we have full control over the availability and condition of the cars we hire. 

"I've learnt the hard way that the only people who truly care about the customers we serve are the people who work for Great Escape Cars," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars. "We now only work with leased in cars whose owners buy into that simple idea.

"If you want to buy a classic car as an investment to hire out then you need to be very clear why you're doing it and the obligations you've taken on."

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