New Customer Support Area

great escape cars customer area

Great Escape Cars has created a new section of its website to improve the experience for customers.  The new section brings together new and existing content, including individual car guides, information films and local area information.

The new services are designed to give customers more information about driving a classic car - as well as about their individual car - before they get behind the wheel.  With modern cars becoming more distant from the old car experience, Great Escape Cars identified that customers need more information and advice to ensure they're safe and comfortable on the road.

"Our new customer pages offer advice and guidance on driving an old car and making the most of their experience," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars.  "We have extended our range of products significantly over the last six months, which means we are hiring to more people and a broader range of people.  These services are all about making the experience more enjoyable and easier to engage with."

You can view the new customer pages here.

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