We're officially Classic Friendly

Great Escape Cars has joined Classic Friendly, the growing network to promote high standards among classic car repairers.  Classic Friendly provides a set of independent checks and assessments that help classic car garages like us maintain owner cars to a high standard. The checks are a particularly important measure of a classic car's condition as the MOT test is rolled back by the Government.

Classic Friendly was set up by Fuzz Townsend, presenter of Car SOS, and Lee Reynolds, who runs a classic car workshop in Shropshire. The aim is to provide a consistent standard of testing and assessment across the classic car repair industry. The Government's decision to exempt pre-1960 cars from the MOT test and proposals to extend this to all cars over 40 years old mean that form any old car owners there is no need to check their cars annually. The Classic Friendly check and assessment procedure was developed by Lee and Fuzz based on their own experience working on older cars.

Great Escape Cars has decided to join the scheme because of concerns about the roll back of the MOT.  Classic Friendly doesn't replace the MOT test but it does provide a comprehensive process for assessing an old car's road worthiness. Although many classic car owners are fastidious and safety conscious, they often do not have the necessary equipment and experience to adequately assess the condition of their cars in the absence of a MOT test. 

Great Escape Cars will be applying the Classic Friendly assessment process to all of its hire fleet as well as MOTing these cars.  It is also offering the assessment to classic car owners through its workshop service.

"I feel very strongly that the MOT exemption for older cars is bad news for owners and for road safety," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars. "The solution to the problem is not to exempt older cars from testing. But this now seems inevitable.

"The next best solution is a standardised form of assessment that classic car garages work to and which is transparent.  It can give owners the confidence that their old car has been independently assessed and checked as roadworthy.  The Classic Friendly assessment is part of that solution."

Great Escape Cars is offering a free Classic Friendly check to all customers cars during April and May free of charge. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit www.greatescapecars.co.uk.

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