Classic cars get to work in the snow

Great Escape Classic Car Hire used its 1984 Ford Capri S to keep mobile during the big freeze of January 2010.  The 2 litre 1980s classic car was perfect for the conditions being light with a powerful engine and narrow tyres.  The absence of driver aids like ABS and traction control also meant it was easier to keep the car moving when it hit particularly icy patches.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire operates a fleet of 40 classic cars from sites in Worcestershire, Suffolk and Dorset.  The Ford Capri is part of the company's developing fleet of 1980s modern classic cars which also include a Porsche 928, VW Golf GTI, Alfa Romeo Alfasud, Jaguar XJS and Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

The Great Escape Ford Capri has now retired from snow duties and was jet washed and stored in a Carcoon to preserve its excellent condition.

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