Get familiar with our new Advice Films

Hiring a classic car can be an unusual and, for some, initially stressful experience. But it doesn't have to be that way - our classic cars are generally very easy to drive and quick to get comfortable in.

Every Great Escape Cars customer is asked to provide feedback on their hire via our unique in-car feedback forms.  These, plus informal comments from customers, showed that customers wanted more information about our cars before they arrived - so that they could jump in and drive off with more confidence.

So to help Great Escape Cars customers get to know our fleet before arrival we created 24 Advice Films with the help of presenter Paul Woodford. Each film covers a specific theme on driving an old car from the brakes to the heating to the visibility.  They're short and simple with clear points made in a factual but light way. 

Our films are available to view online and are also sent in advance to customers.  We also provide guides to each one of our cars detailing their individual characteristics and foibles. 

"Driving a classic is all about preparation and confidence," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars.  "Our films and guides are designed to help customers relax more quickly behind the wheel - and to be safer when they're out and about."

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