2015 and all that

Bob Dylan sang it, we're doing it. For 2015 we're changing how we work. We've decided to focus the majority of our cars around our busy Cotswolds site where our office, workshop and the large part of our fleet are already based.

We're doing this in order to improve the choice and reliability of our fleet. Over the last eight years we've got busier and busier. This is good news for us but means that when we have a car off the road, which is inevitable with classics, it can have a considerable impact on a lot of customers.  Although this only affects a small number of customers, the distress and disappointment it causes can be considerable.  By moving more cars to our main site we can ensure that we have more back-up cars to use in the event of breakdowns, which means far fewer disappointed customers.

By basing more cars at our large site and expanding our workshop facilities we can keep more cars mobile and more customers happier. 

The decision to base more cars in the Midlands means that we have had to make the regrettable decision to close our Yorkshire and Devon sites.  As these sites have got busier the strain on our team to support customers with reliable cars remotely increased. We will still offer a nationwide delivery service using our fleet of trucks and trailers for customers who can't get to our Midlands site.

The change to the fleet comes into effect from 1st January 2015. The breadth of choice across our fleet remains unchanged - we have not lost a single type of car through this move.

"Vehicle availability and reliability are critical to any classic car hire business," explains Graham Eason of Great Escpe.  "As our Devon and Yorkshire sites got busier this became harder and harder to maintain, through simple logistics and the temperament of old cars.

"This move is all about improving customer service.  In 2015 our Cotswolds site will have more than one of all of our most popular cars. So if we have an issue with one, we have an alternative readily on hand.

"By also expanding our workshop we can ensure that any problems with cars are remedied immediately and the car put back on the road in as short a time as possible."

To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk. 

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