MGB Roadster

The MGB roadster is perhaps the most popular drop top classic car, thanks to its combination of stylish looks and easy ownership. The B is a relatively simple, robust car with easy parts availability.

We run a MGB as part of our 30-strong hire fleet - it covers 2,000 miles a month with many different drivers - and we use that experience to help MGB owners with routine servicing and maintenance as well as restoration and repairs.  Despite the B's simplicity and durability, the car has some weaknesses: it's very prone to rot (which is often hard to spot) and suffers if poorly maintained or subject to inappropriate upgrades and 'improvements.' 

Our approach to classic car repairs is pragmatic and honest: it's based on our experience using a huge range of classic car repairers in the past, prior to setting up ourselves, and finding them wanting. As our own customer and supplier we tend to see things a little differently. So we'll identify the problem, recommend the most cost-effective approach and, where we can, give you a fixed price and timescale.  

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MGB roadster restoration by Great Escape Cars 1964 MGB roadster restoration by Great Escape Cars
 1976 MGB restoration  1964 MGB restoration
1979 MGB repairs servicing and restoration  
1979 MGB repairs