How does the hire work?

Your hire experience is for the duration of your booking - please check the start and finish dates and times.  We politely ask that you arrive on time and return the car on time.  We work on an appointment basis so if you arrive early or return the car late there may not be anyone here to meet you.  You may also incur extra costs.

Please ensure you check the car with our staff carefully as you may be responsible for any damage we do not spot.  You must also notify us immediately of any faults.  You are free to reject the car on collection or within 30 minutes of the hire.  Thereafter you are deemed to have accepted the car's condition. 

Your hire includes an allowance of 150 miles per day for midweek hires and 300 miles for weekend hires. If you exceed this allowance you may be charged an excess mileage fee of £1/mile. 

When can I collect the car?

Your hire confirmation will explain the collection and return times.  For midweek hires these are usually 5pm. For weekend hires you can choose Friday collection from 9am to 5pm, return by 10am on Monday. 

Our unit is generally manned Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.  It is not manned at weekends except by prior arrangement.  Collection and return outside the agreed hire times may not be possible or may incur an additional cost. 

Can you deliver car the car?

We may be able to deliver your car for you within a 40 mile radius of our unit. This will depend on availability.  The rate is £4/mile for the round trip. 

Alternatively, we are happy to work with your delivery company. You can find competitive rates on sites such as Shiply. Thirdy party delivery and collection is at your own risk and must be covered by the carrier's own insurance.  

Who can drive?

Anyone aged 25 to 75 inclusive with no more than 6 points and at least two years driving experience can drive on our road trips.  You will need a UK, European, USA, Australian or New Zealand driving licence.  Other licences can be accepted on referral - please contact us before booking.

If you are over 20 stone and/or over 6ft 5in tall, please contact us before booking.

Are there any access or disability limitations?

Any customer with a valid licence fitting our insurance criteria can drive.  We have a range of cars with differing access levels.  If you do have a disability or are concerned about accessing our cars please contact us before booking. 

Do I need special clothing?

No.  Our experiences take place on public roads so no special clothing is required.  However, we recommend dressing appropriately for the weather and avoiding heavy shoes as some of our cars have narrow pedal boxes. 

What happens if the car break down or develops a fault?

You will be driving an old car, typically 40-60 years old.  Please be sensible and realistic about where, how and how far you drive.  We work hard to make our cars reliable but classic cars will always carry a higher than average risk of breakdown.  You should factor this into your plans.  Acceptance of this risk and its consequences are a condition of hire. 

Classic cars break down for a number of reasons, including original design and engineering as well as parts quality and wear and tear (which cannot always be predicted).  We maintain our cars to a high standard but we cannot eradicate all inherent weaknesses caused by design and age. 

If the car develops a fault or breaks down during the hire please notify us immediately.  We ask that you tell us about any problems to avoid potential damage to the car.  If you do not do so or continue to drive you may be liable for the repair costs. 

Breakdowns are an unavoidable risk with old cars.  We maintain our own cars and they deliver excellent reliability despite very high mileages.  However, it is a condition of your hire that you accept this risk. Please check our Terms & Conditions for our policy in the event of a breakdown before or during your hire.  We offer a Breakdown Refund Option that provides additional cover for the cost of your hire in the event of a breakdown.  This must be taken out at least 4 weeks before you collect the car. 

If the car breaks down during your experience you can use our RAC breakdown service to arrange repair or recovery. This works within a 50 mile radius of our unit.  Beyond that you will need your own or separate cover. Please check our Terms & Conditions for our liabilities in the event of a breakdown during your hire. 

If we cannot provide the car you have booked due to a breakdown or accident before you collect it, we will give you the option to rebook new dates or take an alternative car.  Please check our Terms & Conditions for our policy on breakdowns.  Our Breakdown Refund Option increases your cover in these circumstances. 

Please note that it is a condition of your experience that you accept the risk of breakdown.  

Wedding car hire

We are not a wedding car hire company, but you are free to use our cars for your wedding.  Please ensure you are familiar with the risks of hiring an old car for your wedding and our Terms & Conditions.  If you are hiring for a wedding you must make us aware at the time of booking and take out our Wedding Hire Insurance policy. 

We do not accept any responsibility for consequential loss or distress. 

What happens if the car gets damaged during hire?

The standard insurance excess on your car is £1000. We offer a Waiver policy that reduces that to zero in most circumstances.  Please click the link here to find out more.

You are responsible for any damage to the car where we cannot claim against a third party.  If you misuse the car or break the rules of the Highway Code you may be responsible for the full cost of any damage to our car, irrespective of the Waiver policy or excess. 

What about speeding tickets and other fines?

All fines and speeding tickets are your responsibility.  We will notify the DVLA or other authorities of your details.  If there are several drivers we will provide the name of the hirer. 

If you incur speeding or other fines we will levy an administration charge of £25 per fine. 

Is fuel included?

Fuel is not included.  Generally your car will be supplied with one quarter to one half a tank of fuel. 

Do you provide parking for my car?

Ample parking is provided adjacent to our unit.  We are on a quiet industrial estate in a cul de sac.  Parking is at your own risk. Please do not part in our yard

What paperwork do I need to bring?

When you book with us we will send you a full list of what you need to bring with you.  This will include relevant links to download paperwork.  When you arrive you will need to bring your driving licence, completed Driver Declaration Form and a print out of your licence details from the DVLA website.  Without one or more of these you cannot drive.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the forecast for your experience suggests that it will be unsafe or not enjoyable we will contact you to discuss rearranging dates.  We won't run an event if we believe it will be unsafe or compromise your enjoyment.

What is the Collision Damage Waiver?

For £30 per driver we offer the option to reduce the insurance excess from £1000 to zero.  This reduces your liability in instances where we cannot reclaim damage costs from a third party or you are at fault.  It does not cover damage to bodywork or mechanicals caused by misuse or breaking the rules of the Highway Code.