Classic Health Check

Age is not kind to classic cars. The roll-back of the MOT test to exclude cars over 40 years old - effective from May 2018 - worries us at the Great Escape Workshop because we believe old cars need regular checks.  That’s why we’ve created our Classic Health Check.

If you own a classic car over 40 years old we recommend you get an independent assessment of its condition in writing.  This enables you to prove you have checked and maintained your car responsibly, something you may need to rely on in an accident or if stopped by the police.

The Classic Health Check doesn’t replace the MOT but it does give you a comprehensive, independent assessment of your car.  It’s about giving you a clear view on the condition of your car. We work with a specialist MOT test station to assess the suspension, brakes, structure, lights, engine hosepipes and connections and many more areas.  We check what we’ve learnt matters from running high mileage classic hire cars. Often faults hidden from view can seriously affect the safety of your car.

The Classic Health Check costs just £50+VAT and takes about an hour.  You can wait with your car or we offer a free collection and return service within 20 miles of our site.

To book your Classic Health Check call 01527 893733 or email

We strongly oppose the roll-back of the MOT and you can read what we think here.