Driving A Classic

When you hire one of our classic cars you'll find them easy to drive.  But if you’re stepping into one from a modern car then it may take a few miles to acclimatise.  On these pages we've provided some advice and tips on driving a classic car and what to expect when you pick your classic car up from Great Escape Classic Car Hire.  We hope that they help you get the best from your classic car hire experience behind the wheel and some details on our servicing and maintenance programmes.


We have chosen classic cars to hire that are easy to drive.  But our cars are still old classic cars.  The main difference between our classic cars and modern hatchbacks and saloons is in their driveability and response to driver inputs.  On this page you will find some advice and tips on driving a classic car like a Jensen Interceptor or Alfa Romeo Spider.

Modern cars tend to disguise errors and help the driver out of sticky situations.  Classic cars don’t.  Some of the common differences that our customers experience when they hire a classic car for the first time are:

Above all, please take care – for your own safety as well as our classic cars.  Classic car hire is great fun, but the real enjoyment is usually in the slower, simpler pace of life in which they excel.