Porsche 911

The Porsche 911, like the Jaguar E Type, is a car born in the 1960s that has made an indelible mark on the hearts of millions of people.  The shape and the name are familiar to many who wouldn't even classify themselves as car enthusiasts.

911LHD_01 911LHD_02
 Classic Porsche 911 Profile  Classic Fuchs Alloy Wheels
911LHD_03 911LHD_04
 2+2 Seating  Air Cooled 2 Litre 6 Cyclinder Engine
911LHD_05 911LHD_06
 An Iconic Classic  1969 Car
911LHD_07 911LHD_12
 'Steve McQueen Grey'  LHD with Five Speed Gearbox

The Porsche 911 is ever bit as good as its reputation suggests.  The Great Escape Porsche 911 is a 1969 car, which means that it has all the purity and simplicity of the first Porsche 911 cars.  It is finished in a very tasteful shade of dark grey (identical to the Porsche 911 driven by Steve McQueen) with a black interior and classic Fuchs alloy wheels.  The car is fitted with the powerful six cylinder air cooled 2 litre Porsche engine and has a manual gearbox.  Please note that this car is LHD - however, it is simple to drive with excellent visibility, so don't let that put you off enjoying this superb car.

Vehicle Summary

Location Cotswolds
Daily Mileage Limit 150
Insurance Excess £1000
Insurance Included
Breakdown 125 mile radius


24 hr mid-week £299
Weekend 24 hrs £329
3 day weekend £559
Extra 24 hrs £249
Extra driver £50
Price Band G