Morris Minor Convertible

The Morris Minor convertible is a great way to add character to a wedding or just tour the countryside.  Just drop the roof and enjoy the sun - and the familiar phut phut of the Morris engine.  The Morris is available for minimum 48 hrs hire

MMC_Yorks_1 MMC_Yorks_3
 4 Seater Convertible  Easy to Use Hood
MMC_Yorks_4 MMC_Yorks_5
 Rear Wheel Drive  Classic Styling
MMC_Yorks_7 MMC_Yorks_8
 Good Sized Boot  Simple Controls
MMC_Yorks_2 MMC_Yorks_6
 4 Speed Manual  Easy to Drive


Vehicle Summary

Location Cotswolds
Daily Mileage Limit 150
Insurance Excess £1000
Insurance Included
Breakdown 125 mile radius


24 hrs mid-week £179
24 hrs weekend £199
3 day weekend £349
Extra 24 hrs £120
Extra Driver £30
Price Band B