Compare Two Sports Car Icons

Few cars have captured the public imagination quite like the Jaguar E Type and Porsche 911. Arguably the greatest sports cars of their era, they've remained hugely popular ever since.

Now you can drive them both with our unique Britain vs Germany package.  Spend 20 miles getting to know each car over a two hour experience in the Worcestershire countryside.  You'll drive either a Series 2 4.2 E Type coupe or a Series V12 E Type coupe (depending on availability) and a 1969 porsche 911T 2.2 coupe. 

Two car classic car driving experience in E Type and Porsche 911 Two car classic car driving experience in E Type and Porsche 911
Jaguar E Type - find out more Porsche 911 - find out more

Your experience includes 45-60 minutes in each car and you can choose which one you start in. Fuel, insurance and passenger places are included.  We also provide driving routes and pre-programmed satnavs. The experience costs £149. 

You can book the experience online or call 01527 893733.  Available dates appear below. 


March 14th Wednesday 
March 24th Saturday
April 18th Wednesday
April 28th Saturday
May 16th  Wednesday
June 9th Saturday
June 13th  Wednesday
July 18th  Wednesday
August 15th Wednesday
August 25th Saturday
September 19th Wednesday
September 29th Saturday
October 13th Saturday
October 17th  Wednesday