Accident or Breakdown Insurance

We go to great lengths on our website to ask our customers to consider the consequences of a car being unavailable to them due to an accident or breakdown, especially if you have booked it for a special event.

We do not offer refunds other than your statutory 14 days cooling off period. Our policy is to provide you with another car or postpone your booking and give you increased time in the car you booked when it is available again.

For special events we realise this doesn’t always work and if you booked a certain car for a special occasion then no other substitute will do.

You can now insure against this with our Breakdown or Accident Refund Option. The option costs £30 and it means that if the car you booked isn’t available on the day you want it and our alternatives don’t appeal to you we will refund the cost of your booking minus a £10 admin charge.

This option is only available when you book the car. You can’t add it to your booking at a later date. You can add it to your basket if you are booking the car online or ask our Bookings Team if you prefer to make the booking by telephone.