Breakdown Refund Option

Hiring a classic car is a great experience, but it also carries some inherent risks.  These are old cars and the risk of breakdown is higher than with modern cars.  No matter how hard we work at Great Escape Cars to deliver 100% reliability, we can never entirely remove the risk. 

Our unique Breakdown Refund Option covers you in the event of a breakdown or other non-availability of your car.  We've created it to provide peace of mind if you have booked the car for a specific date, perhaps for a wedding or birthday. 

Our cars cover around 1,000 miles a week during the season and our breakdown rates are around 1% of hires. In the event of a breakdown, under our Terms & Conditions we will offer you new dates for your experience or extend your voucher for 6 months, both at no charge.  After the statutory 14 day cooling offer period we do not offer refunds in the event of breakdowns or accidents.

The Breakdown Refund Option costs £50 on top of your hire fee and provides:

Refund (less 10% administration fee) of your hire cost in the event that your car is not available for your chosen dates due to a breakdown or accident


A free of charge replacement car* for your original dates, with the chance to return and hire your original car within 12 months

This option is only available when you book the car. You can’t add it to your booking at a later date. You can add it to your basket if you are booking the car online or ask our Bookings Team if you prefer to make the booking by telephone.

We make every effort to provide the car you chose for the dates you chose. But sometimes time and parts supply prevent this happening.  Even where you have bought this cover our goal is to provide the car you booked. 

What is covered

What is not covered
  • Breakdown during hire due to misuse, for example flooding the engine
  • Accident caused during the hire - whether by 3rd party or the driver
  • Any consequential losses or costs as a result of the non-availability of the car before or during hire

*The replacement car will be the best and most suitable car available for your original dates from our fleet.